Unveiling high-risk sectors: EU-OSHA joins forces with the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee

Rapid transformations of work environments due to digitalization and introduction of new forms of work, also prompted by COVID-19 give rise to new occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges. At the same time, traditional risks and high-risk sectors such as mining, forestry and construction should not be overlooked.

Tackling the evolving OSH concerns requires a multifaceted approach, as well as data collection at the actual workplaces. OSH labour inspectors and their views on risks, sectors and worker groups could significantly contribute to a better understanding and addressing those concerns. In addition, during the pandemic, they played an important role in prevention and control of COVID-19 contagion in workplaces.

For that reason, EU-OSHA teamed with  the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) to conduct a comprehensive joint survey aimed at identifying high-risk occupations and sectors.

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