Welcome to the A+A Congress 2019
in Düsseldorf from 5-8 November 2019!

The 36th International Congress for Occupational Safety and Health is one of the world’s key events for workplace safety and health. It runs in conjunction with the A+A Trade Fair, the international marketplace for products and services related to PPE, workplace safety and workplace health.

Come and join us at the A+A Congress 2019 to hear experts talk about the latest solutions to the challenges posed by new work situations and exchange ideas and experiences with real-world OSH professionals. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the all-day events “Future of Work” and “Decent Work Globally” will be translated simultaneously.

Around 5,000 visitors are expected to attend the A+A Congress to be held at the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf from 5-8 November 2019. Nearly 40 series of events will provide a forum for discussing the latest scientific findings and their practical implementation, as well as an opportunity for policy makers, industry and administration to exchange ideas and hands-on experiences. New formats such as “Hands-On Interactive” offer additional opportunities to get talking with other OSH professionals. Also new this year is an event not just for OSH professionals but also university staff, university students, trainees and apprentices – the very first “Prevention Slam” as part of “Focus on OSH Professions”.

The full Congress programme will be available in July/August 2019 in print and online versions. If you would like to receive a printed copy, please send an email to Kongress2019@basi.de.

Hands-On Interactive

What do people working in OSH need for the challenges they face in their everyday work? What’s the latest from research, policy and current projects that can be used for assessing working conditions, for Work 4.0 or for health and mental well-being? These questions and an exchange with experts are the focus of the new series “Hands-OnInteractive” which has four events on 6-7 November 2019. (Only in German language)

Focus on OSH Professions

Workplace health and safety is a dynamically growing area of employment. Companies need to invest more time and effort into prevention and health promotion in order to attract new employees. This current trend will be the focus of the A+A Congress 2019 when it kicks off “In focus: OSH Professions – Job Training, Further Training and Cooperation” on 8 November 2019. This topic looks at issues such as education and job training, the discussion on the respective strengths of OSH professions, as well as opportunities and the need to cooperate. This is targeted at OSH professionals, university staff and students, as well as trainees and apprentices. They’ll be able to experience the very first “Prevention Slam” in the tradition of a science slam. (Only in German language)


Which dates from the A+A Congress 2019 do I definitely need to put in my calendar? When can I listen to which experts and speak with them? Stay up-to-date with all the latest news from the A+A Congress 2019 with the Basi Newsletter. (Only in German language)