„The Beach of Enchaquirados“ wins the 2022 Healthy Workplaces Film Award

In a small village in Ecuador, Vicky during daytime goes fishing and in the evening, she runs a little bar. Vicky belongs to the local trans community and she balances her physically tough work at sea with feminine elegance in her private life. ‘The Beach of Enchaquirados’ (Ecuador, 2021) shows us how LGBTI people can be accepted in a remote fishing community.

The jury was especially appreciative of “how this film shows that togetherness and solidarity are important dimensions of working life, showing that community spirit contributes to individual resilience.”

During the 20th DocLisboa festival, a special programme on the subject of work was organised in partnership with EU-OSHA, involving filmmakers, pupils and children. Participants in a round-table discussion “Women in film – women at work” reflected on how women were represented as workers in this year’s selection for the Healthy Workplaces Film Award.

Find out more about the 2022 award-winning film and watch the trailer