Help Alliance for Ukrainian Workers

Ukrainian workers are exposed to extreme additional risks at their workplaces during the and after the war. 25% of them still go to work every day: critical infrastructure, transportation, health sector, public services. There is a great need for health and safety equipment during and after the war: PPE, first aid, fire-fighting, emergency, service, logistics, etc. - and there is and will be a great need for expertise and training during and after the war: safe demolition, exposure to asbestos, hazardous substances, energy supply, transportation, construction.

The Help Alliance for Ukranian Workers wants to unite and mobilize the global family of occupational safety and health Experts and Prevention Specialists including Safety Suppliers as partners in a Global Help Alliance for Ukrainian Workers.

The aims:
Official support of partners by committing to the Help Alliance for Ukrainian workers (HAUW).
Provision of knowledge and competences in the field of health and safety to Ukrainian workers
To supply protective equipment for Ukrainian workers who really need it, saving their lives

Please look for more information on the Website.