Launch of the call for participation at the A+A 2023
38th International Congress for Occupational Safety and Health

With this call for participation, Basi is reaching out nationally and internationally to all experts, players in the economic and political spheres, practitioners in companies and institutions, and their networks to join proactively in shaping the A+A Congress in October 2023 and developing it further with consideration for sustainability. The call for participation is divided into five core topics, ensuring that at least one topic area exists for any possible contribution. You can also select from a range of formats that which is best suited to your contribution.

The congress will take the form of a physical event, extended digitally by selected events to increase the reach. Speakers will have the option of delivering their papers virtually should travel not be possible. More detailed information will be made available in 2023 in the course of congress planning.

Prevention of COVID-19

The 38th Congress/A+A 2023 will not take place until October 2023. However, any necessary health precautions, hygiene measures and distancing rules that may be in force at that time will of course be observed. These include both measures for management of space and visitor numbers, and hygiene, technical and organizational measures required by the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia for the hosting of conferences and trade fairs. The standards for hygiene and infection control are updated continually in line with developments and changes in the legal requirements.

Welcoming address by Hubertus Heil, German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Safety and health at work has rapidly gained a much higher profile – not least as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, COVID-19 has led to a surge in digitalisation, including in the world of work. For example, remote working has become routine for many employees. It is too early to say how much the working world will change in the long term as a result of the pandemic. What is clear, however, is that there is no turning back the clock.

In addition to the pandemic, we are currently facing other challenges. Energy scarcity as a result of the war of aggression against Ukraine means we need to do more to save energy, both at home and in the workplace. This also has implications for occupational safety and health. Last but not least, structural change in the economy and society also remains an important issue. Climate change, decarbonisation and new technologies such as artificial intelligence require a new way of thinking. In the framework of the ARBEIT: SICHER + GESUND programme, we at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs have therefore launched a comprehensive consultation process with relevant partners. We want to find concrete answers that offer guidance for practical use in the workplace.

Sustainability is a key issue for the A+A Congress 2023. Sustainable economic management is not only about environmentally friendly production processes, but also social sustainability and decent working conditions. Safety and health at work is essential in this context.

Only together can we overcome the challenges of a changing world of work. We need support from all of you, the experts from companies, institutions, academia and the social partners. The A+A Congress 2023 organised by the Federal Association for Safety and Health offers a unique platform for this. I invite you to actively contribute all your ideas, your expertise, and above all your desire for positive change, and to come together to play a part in shaping the future of work.


Hubertus Heil, MdB

Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs