Prevention of biological, chemical and physical exposures

Exposure to biochemicals, hazardous substances and physical hazards such as radiation and noise continues to present risks to employees at the workplace. Under unfavourable circumstances, these may lead to acute and chronic diseases. Besides the obtaining of comprehensive information on the risks, a decisive factor in the prevention of these diseases is expert assessment of the working conditions and the determining and conducting of protective measures, which must be prioritized as appropriate. In the area of exposures, a comprehensive set of rules already exists and must be implemented sustainably.
Present prevention approaches and protection concepts relating to these and other topics in the large forum offered by the congress. Present strategies for determining the most suitable preventive measures for avoidance of exposures hazardous to employee health, or for preventing occupational diseases. Discuss how the legal requirements and body of technical regulations can be implemented in practice with respect to certain exposures, or how the body of regulations should be amended where necessary.