Strategies for safety and health at work

As in private life, physical health and the psyche are linked in many different ways in the world of work.

With the adverse consequences of the corona pandemic, such as job losses and company bankruptcies, awareness is growing that safety and health at work is a crucial basis for all economic activity. At the same time, the digital transformation is radically changing the way a large proportion of employees work. Others continue to face the more familiar risks of accident at the workplace. Companies that implement sustainable measures in the field of occupational safety and health can expect a high return on prevention, for example under the keywords „vision zero“ or „good work“. Implementation of the GDA in Germany requires innovative concepts.

Play your part in shaping the future. Do you have a strategic, political, practical or visionary approach that responds to the strong need for effective structures for safety and health, return on prevention and strategies for qualified consulting, implementation and inspection? If so, we would like to receive it!