Industrial safety and occupational safety and health

Since the birth of the industrial revolution, industrial safety has been one of the pillars on which occupational safety and health rests. Despite the progress of the digital transformation, new industries emerging in the decarbonized economy and hydrogen technologies, and new forms of employment, industrial safety remains at the heart of safe and healthy work. Conditions under which work is performed from home are no exception. However, digitalization also offers its advantages and, in the long term, can support measures for industrial safety. Measures are prioritized in accordance with the STOP principle (substitution/technical/organizational and personal protective measures). An assessment of working conditions must be carried out for all activities in a company. Embedding occupational safety and health into corporate management systems enables a holistic and sustainable understanding of occupational safety and health to develop.
All concepts and measures of industrial prevention, concepts for the assessment of working conditions, and also occupational safety and health management systems are included within this core topic of the congress.