Health at work

As in private life, physical health and the psyche are linked in many ways in the world of work. The conditions at workplaces and under which work is performed affect the health of employees to varying degrees. Occupational health hazards must be identified and minimized. Mental and musculoskeletal stresses top the list. Personal factors are significant in this context, but the level of stress and the measures for the promotion of good health at the workplace particularly so. The effects of climate change are also becoming increasingly noticeable, and must be taken into account for example in risk assessments, and addressed by suitable measures for employees.
Share with the visitors to the A+A Congress your experience with measures suitable for protecting and/or sustainably improving the health of employees at the workplace. Join others in discussing, for example, provisions in the regulations and their implementation, and formulate solutions. Alternatively, present your company or institution’s programmes at the Congress.