Global Health & Education: a UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN Network

A new world-wide initiative in school health and safety promotion was launched for the coming four years at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris: the Global Health & Education UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN Network.

This initiative provides a framework for participating universities to share their interests with partner organisations and institutions —for example, ENETOSH— in creating a new culture linking health and education. This initiative’s connections to UN agencies — both UNESCO and WHO — and its deep roots in existing international networks positions it as a strategic resource for knowledge production, knowledge transfer and capacity building at a global level.

The initiative will make a contribution to policy and practice by developing international research projects, translating research evidence, strengthening capacitybuilding and — within both institutions and networks — offering support to policymakers and practitioners at a global level. In particular, the goal of this network is to promote research and training while contributing to building, interpreting and disseminating a knowledge base in the field of health education and health promotion in schools.

As this new network is a unique opportunity for ENETOSH to disseminate the concept of ‘good healthy schools’ by sharing experiences and learning from other initiatives around the world linking health and education in school safety and health promotion, ENETOSH will be part of the UNESCO Chair Global Health & Education initiative.

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