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As at 12 October 2021; subject to change

On-site Ticket

The number of attendees of  the A + A Congress 2021 in the Congress Center Düsseldorf is limited due to the pandemic. Therefore, only day tickets are available.

Visiting the trade show is included on the chosen day.

A+A Congress 2021 | Schedule of topics

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(As at October 2021; subject to change)

Topic Tuesday, 26 October Wednesday, 27 October Thursday, 28 October
Strategies for safety and health at work
  • Prevention strategy for carcinogenic substances in SMEs
  • Vision Zero Prevention beyond Borders and for a better Future II
    Session 4
    Session 5
  • The Great Reset – Vision Zero I
  • Members of employee representative councils and occupational safety and health
  • OSH management forum
  • The Great Reset – Vision Zero II
Covid-19 and biological substances
The digital transformation
Management and leadership
  • Occupational safety and health and REACH
  • Night and shift work
  • Musculoskeletal loads
  • Prevention of occupational diseases
Health hazards at the workplace and their prevention
  • Work premises
  • Waste managment
  • Freight

Welcoming address by Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Call for Participation —
We need your experience, observations and ideas.

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, we have observed new interest in the topic of occupational safety and health. The subject is not only the focus of the upcoming A+A Congress 2021. Safe and healthy work has also become a core issue during combating of the corona pandemic.
In conjunction with all responsible institutions, the German government has acted quickly and decisively. With the occupational safety and health standard and the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety rule, we moved quickly to lay down binding workplace provisions concerning this infectious disease. In particular however, the high number of corona cases in the meat-processing industry revealed a need for us to do more in order for occupational safety and health to be effective. With the drafting of new legislation for enforcing occupational safety and health, we are laying down the foundation for greater responsibility on the part of companies, setting out standards harmonized throughout Germany for the inspection work of the state authorities‘ labour inspectorates, and substantially increasing the number of companies that we inspect. The focus will lie upon companies presenting a particularly high potential hazard.
In addition, the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs will in future have powers to impose particular occupational safety and health requirements temporarily, including in unusual crisis situations like those of the current pandemic.

However, the challenges presented by the corona pandemic cannot be resolved by politicians alone. We need the support of experts and practitioners in research, industry and institutes. I therefore cordially invite you, with this call for participation, to submit your ideas during the preparations for the A+A Congress 2021. Share your research findings, practical experience and reflections on strategy with your colleagues. Only together will we be able to overcome the challenges facing occupational safety and health now and in the years to come.