37th International A+A Congress 2021 in hybrid format

The 37th International A+A Congress will take place between 26–29 October 2021 for the first time as a congress with streamed hybrid events. The Congress will run in parallel to the A+A World-Leading Trade Fair for Safety and Health in Düsseldorf. The organisation of the congress is particularly challenging for the Federal Association for Occupational Safety and Health (Basi). Dr Christian Felten, Managing Director of Basi: ‘Visitors can expect a more compact format, but streaming the event means that more people can take part than has been possible with face-to-face congresses in previous years.’

Dr Felten notes that there will be slightly fewer time slots for the strategic and scientific programme due to pandemic conditions. Nevertheless, Basi acknowledges how important it is to present the entire spectrum of current topics on safety and health at work. Some of the key areas that experts will present and discuss include workplace design, digitalisation, working from home, mobile working, the future of work in Europe and worldwide, and ensuring safety and health within global supply chains.

The strategic approach of Vision Zero, a universal prevention culture which aims to prevent all fatal and serious occupational accidents as well as occupational diseases, plays just as important a role as the relevant issues of the Joint German Occupational Safety and Health Strategy (GDA). The focus is on the safe and healthy design of mobility, mobile working, working from home and basic work. Other important topics are sustainability, inclusion and demographic change in the world of work.

The first overview of the planned events is available. The 37thInternational A+A Congress 2021 is the major joint event for safety and health in Germany with a major international impact. The German Occupational Safety and Health Award will be presented during the Congress. This is awarded to German-based companies of all sizes and from all sectors as well as individuals who are committed to the safety and health of employees at work using creative, effective and sustainable approaches.

The International A+A Congress and A+A World-Leading Trade Fair for Safety and Health at Work 2021 will run from 26– 29 October 2021 live in Düsseldorf as well as streaming format. More information is available here or on the aplusa.de website.